Hello and welcome!

Once upon a time I blogged over at this blog.

I felt like it was time to revamp and renew as my family tackles some new adventures in life!  We are packing our home up and moving away from our beloved Oregon …

We’re on the road to Idaho to try and carve out our own little ‘homestead’!

Join us as we take this journey.

Stop on by and see where we’re at in our homesteading quest,

help me as I navigate how to make a new house a home and keep up on my homemaking skills,

hang out to see what we’re doing in our homeschool, Pathways Academy,

learn along side me as I try to use more natural home remedies ,

          &  get some ideas from my menus and recipes focusing on whole foods and good ol’ home cooking!

This blog will be all about home!

Join us on ‘this lovely path.’

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