And The Homestead Is Bought…

Well, if you can consider a 30 year mortgage ‘bought’ that is.

And no closing papers signed yet.

We are so stinkin’ excited.

Life y’all, it cracks me up.

If you watched my video from the last post, you heard me talk about the land we were trying to buy.  It was a beautiful 3.3 acres with a gigantic house.  We have been waiting and waiting on it to hit the market.  We were excited about it, making our plans anxious for it to be ours.

The thing is, something in my spirit felt like we weren’t ACTUALLY waiting for THAT house.  I had some concerns, and something just didn’t feel ‘right’.  But I loved it, and I chose not to say anything to the family, but to bring it to God.   I think over the last 8 months or so, since we considered moving in the first place, my most frequent prayer has been , “Whatever is best for our family, Lord.  We don’t want it if it’s not right for us.”

And so I kept praying that prayer, but planning for that particular house.

Then Thursday night came. Now, I get updates from all the home sites whenever something matches my search criteria.  I had no emails of new homes popped up, but I scooted on over to my favorite site anyways, expecting to see the same 30 houses I’d gone through hundreds of times.   {It’s like opening the frig when you KNOW there’s nothing different than 5 minutes ago…and we had a house we were going to buy anyways!}…

And there it was.

It wasn’t especially stunning or remarkable from that first picture, but I felt my self getting ridiculously excited.  Something felt right about it.   I texted my agent before I had even read through the full description and asked her if it was active.   She checked, said yes, it had literally just been put on.   I asked her to make an appointment for my husband to see it the next day after work. {He is working up there, while the kids and I are living 3 hours south}.

I called him to tell him and he could hear in my voice how much I liked the place.  After a bit he said he thought I should just drive up in the morning and see it myself while he was working. I called the agent, changed the plans for 12:30, and piled the kids into the car the next morning.

We went to see the house, and I felt good about it. It was just what we had been wanting in property, without some of the issues the other property had.   We also drove over to the other property to compare.    I asked all the kids when we climbed in the car which they’d choose, and while some of them preferred the huge house on the ‘other’ property, we were all in agreement that the house we’d driven up to see was what we all wanted.

We wasted a few hours and then went and waited outside hubby’s work for him to get off, hoping we could scoot back over and he could see it too.    Only 2 problems, the agent called and said she’d tried to set up a second appointment but that it was booked solid the rest of the day, and hubs informed me he had to stay super late anyways, and wouldn’t be able to see it anyhow.  In the meantime, they were already getting an offer in from the people who had viewed the home after us.

With my husband’s blessing and blind trust, I told my agent we’d meet her at her office a 1/2 hr away to put in our offer.  I had to figure all the ‘numbers’ for our offer myself, praying my husband would be okay with the choices I was making. I crunched numbers, figured out what I could manage, and sat in the office filling out paper work while my kids ran like hooligans outside the poor real estate office’s yard and parking lot.  An hour+ later,  we grabbed some dinner, and headed back on our journey home  {the kids having been rewarded with Chick- fil-A for their long suffering day}.   I prayed and prayed God’s best for us, whatever that looked like.

At 1 am , my husband came home, exhausted after trying to sleep in a car for a few days and bone weary from his new job.  I woke up, turned the computer back on and showed him pictures of the house we’d just put an offer in on, and told him how much I’d offered, etc.

Thank God he approved {I really wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been sure he would, but it was reassuring nonetheless}.

And Saturday afternoon, I got the call that our offer was accepted!

So to the mini-homestead we go, I can’t wait to share more once it’s officially ours!



Well, here we go again…

Um, so…you know how we’ve moved twice in the last 6 months?

Apparently we are looking for expert status.

We are moving!  Again!  For the third time in 1/2 a year!

Ya’ll, God is good.

He is ALWAYS good. I say that a lot, I know.

When God opened the doors for us to move here to Idaho, He had a plan that was pretty hard to see with human eyes.  When He then proceeded to move us to another location in Idaho, with 2 weeks notice, we took it for a ‘better’ position for my hubby, but it was not ideal.  We took it as a blessing, knowing he was in a ‘safer’ position {from getting laid off eventually}, but we really didn’t feel like this was ‘home.’

Now…hubs has been offered a great opportunity to move into a totally different position.  I can’t even begin to tell you the miracles of this all playing out like it did, but let’s just say God moved.  We had a pretty good chance of ending up in Utah {which I fervently prayed against } IF he even got this position, which in and of itself seemed unlikely.  Then he gets the position AND he got to pick where.

So, we are heading back up where we began in Idaho, only a short time ago.  Timing wise it was perfect.  Our home in Oregon just sold,  which means we will be now searching for our own little mini-farm to buy and start.  I am over the moon in awe of this whole plan taking shape.

June2013 103

photo property of me.

I have never been one of those Christians that think that because they follow Christ things will always go well.  Quite the opposite in fact.  While I am not outwardly a pessimist in any way, I am constantly awaiting, expecting trials.  I am a realist.  I know they’re coming, will always come, and that I can’t avoid life’s obstacles.  I kinda live waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak.

 I know  I deserve nothing more than what He has already bestowed upon me.  His grace alone is enough to be , well… enough.

So, I know God is good all the time, but it kinda takes my breath away when He is so obviously lavishing me with His blessings.   He has heard our requests and has chosen to leave me in awe of His tangible goodness.  I  see His hand in this whole thing, I understand why He did things that didn’t make sense to me.  He is so good you guys.  He is good ALL the time.  But when He chooses to be extravagant beyond expectation?  It humbles the spirit.

I can’t wait to take you all along on the journey to find the perfect ‘farmette’ for our family!