Well, here we go again…

Um, so…you know how we’ve moved twice in the last 6 months?

Apparently we are looking for expert status.

We are moving!  Again!  For the third time in 1/2 a year!

Ya’ll, God is good.

He is ALWAYS good. I say that a lot, I know.

When God opened the doors for us to move here to Idaho, He had a plan that was pretty hard to see with human eyes.  When He then proceeded to move us to another location in Idaho, with 2 weeks notice, we took it for a ‘better’ position for my hubby, but it was not ideal.  We took it as a blessing, knowing he was in a ‘safer’ position {from getting laid off eventually}, but we really didn’t feel like this was ‘home.’

Now…hubs has been offered a great opportunity to move into a totally different position.  I can’t even begin to tell you the miracles of this all playing out like it did, but let’s just say God moved.  We had a pretty good chance of ending up in Utah {which I fervently prayed against } IF he even got this position, which in and of itself seemed unlikely.  Then he gets the position AND he got to pick where.

So, we are heading back up where we began in Idaho, only a short time ago.  Timing wise it was perfect.  Our home in Oregon just sold,  which means we will be now searching for our own little mini-farm to buy and start.  I am over the moon in awe of this whole plan taking shape.

June2013 103

photo property of me.

I have never been one of those Christians that think that because they follow Christ things will always go well.  Quite the opposite in fact.  While I am not outwardly a pessimist in any way, I am constantly awaiting, expecting trials.  I am a realist.  I know they’re coming, will always come, and that I can’t avoid life’s obstacles.  I kinda live waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak.

 I know  I deserve nothing more than what He has already bestowed upon me.  His grace alone is enough to be , well… enough.

So, I know God is good all the time, but it kinda takes my breath away when He is so obviously lavishing me with His blessings.   He has heard our requests and has chosen to leave me in awe of His tangible goodness.  I  see His hand in this whole thing, I understand why He did things that didn’t make sense to me.  He is so good you guys.  He is good ALL the time.  But when He chooses to be extravagant beyond expectation?  It humbles the spirit.

I can’t wait to take you all along on the journey to find the perfect ‘farmette’ for our family!




A Life In The Circus…

*this is a repost from the old blog  a few yrs ago here  *


I have pretty much come to accept that my life is made up of a circus act,

 requiring me to balance on fine lines, keep juggling balls all in the air,

and be ring master of the whole shebang all at the same time…


I have to say, this life is a humbling experience.


this circus act has me constantly falling into the abyss, dropping balls left and right, and either screaming in or neglecting my megaphone all together.


first off, I should say I am a very even keeled woman.

I tend not to be weepy or hormonal.

I roll with the punches, knowing life is still good even when it sucks, and I can pull up my boot straps and get the heck on with it when need be.

I don’t believe in looking back unless we can learn from it and then move on.

and rarely, if ever, do I cry.


all that said {just so ya’all know I’m not just pmsing in this post-I’m not ;)},

I do get overwhelmed and want to bury my head in the sand sometimes.

most of the time.


I know I had a tendency at one point in my life to feel prideful.

I was making good decisions that were God honoring and I felt proud.

I think if I had become the 32 year old woman I had imagined at one point I would be, I would still be prideful.


good thing the Lord threw me off my high horse.

it hasn’t been pretty, but I sure have learned a lot in the process.



my kids are not perfect. {GASP!}

in fact one leads me daily to my knees feeling battle worn and weary.

my once trim figure has suffered medical issues {okay, and chocolate} leaving me overweight and embarrassed.

my house that after only 2 kids was still 95% clean has given way to cracker crumbs and paper stacks and

laundry eruptions.

this last year got tight with finances from a job shift.

I won’t even mention the state of my backyard and the agony it has caused in this household

{looking at that mess is the only time i feel PMSy}

add to that me trying to teach my children at home and you have a woman who not only fell off her high horse but got bucked clear the hell off.


I have been known to ask God “where is my manna for today?!” in my best 2 year old voice,

or go in the bathroom and literally beg God for a little more strength.


I fail in so many ways.



I go to bed with guilt, wake up resolved to be cheery despite attitudes {cheery is my natural make up, but it soon is sucked dry}, only to drop that particular ball right out of the gate.

if I manage to see my husband out the door with a hot breakfast, a load in the wash by 6am, and devotions under my belt, feeling pretty good,

just wait until 8 am when the “I hate math/you’re the meanest mom in the world/he kicked me/I hate my brothers/I don’t want to brush my teeth” start.

I fall off that high wire and wind up in a pile somewhere down below.



I’m not saying this to whine or complain or receive accolades.

I’m saying this because it’s the truth.

that hard, ugly, I’mnothingwithout Jesus truth.

and I have a feeling I’m not the only circus performer out there.



but I know that when I am weary God takes my burdens and fights my battle { Matt 11:28 and exodus 14:14}

and I know that He chooses the weak and foolish to work through {1st corinth. 1:27}

and I am soooooo foolish!

and I know that He will be faithful to complete the work He started in me {phil. 1:6}

I am so glad I serve a God who knows my weaknesses , oh so many, and loves me anyways.

and I am thankful I can give up this foolish balancing act, the juggling and the hand the mike over to Him.

even if it’s every day. or multiple times a day.

He will cover where I ere with my kids, and I will trust Him to do the work I simply can not do.

well, except the cheerios on the floor.

I’ll have to do that.

I don’t think God sweeps.



How to Make a History Timeline for your Homeschool

Hey guys!

In this quick video I show you how we made a timeline project for history in our homeschool.

Thanks for watching!

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Further From The Dream?

Before I start, may I say something?

{of course I can!  It’s my blog!}

I am NOT whining or complaining.  If you read it in that voice in your own head, that’s not the voice I’m using 😉 Sometimes there’s a fine line between complaining and being super honest.  So I just want to put it out there.  I am not depressed.  I am not miserable.  You don’t need to feel sorry for me.  Got it?  Okay, moving on…

We’ve been in this new town for a month. If you can call it a town.  There’s not a whole lot here. We do have a grocery store…

We are renting a big house, bigger than we’ve ever been in.   I am not sure the square footage, but it seems huge to us.  The house we owned in Oregon was 1500 sq ft and one bathroom, the rental in Sugar was 1,000 sq ft and one bathroom.   The one bathroom never bothered me a whole lot, but I was looking forward to having more!  Now we have 3!  The bigger home has been nice in many ways {exception being the utility bills}.  I am super grateful for that.

But the things going through my head …well, I still feel like we’re ‘floating’.  Not sure where we are going to end up or how.

I know the Lord knows, and I take a lot of comfort in the plan He has set before us.   I am just feeling like everything’s so temporary.  {It is , I know!}

The 2 major motivators for picking up and moving away were job security, and affordable land. Now we find out, even with the new position, that hubby’s job is still not as ‘safe’ as we thought.  And we are in a place that feels further from the dream of owning land. Yes, we can afford it.  But will he lose his job?  Will we transfer again?  We don’t know the answers to those questions, so buying land is out of the question as of now.  And even IF his job is safe here…well, we don’t WANT to buy in this town.  We don’t see a future here at all.  We liked the last area we’d moved to much more.dec2015 002.JPG

So for now, we are renting a home, surrounded by apartments in a tiny town.  We have met nobody, the closest homeschool groups are 30 minutes away and are all of a different faith than we are.  My kids are going NUTS to get out and do things, but the truth is, there’s just not anything to do.  Like I said, I am not upset or feeling sorry for myself.  I am just answering the questions we get so often in the most honest way possible.

So right now it feels as if we’re moving quite further from ‘the dream’ of a small homestead.  I don’t know where we’ll end up, but I am glad the Lord leads.  In the meantime I’m trying to enjoy the journey…even if it looks a whole lot differently than I would wish…



Because God is Hilarious…

So…just when things seem to settle down,

God sends us another curve ball.

No, I’m not pregnant.

We’re moving!

No, you aren’t reading last month’s post, nor is it groundhog day. It’s the day before Thanksgiving.We’ve been in the Rexburg/Sugar City area for a tad over a month{ eta:  actually, we’re at 2 months}.

And now? We’re heading a bit further south.

We’ll still be in Idaho, but the Hubby got an offer for a different {slightly better} position.

I’ll be honest, my head is spinning.  I had just made nice with this town.  I have made 2 good friends here already that I could have seen as lifelong BFFS.  {I work quickly, what can I say?}{And I actually deplore the term BFFs, but it worked ;)}

More change, more expenses, more change  {did I say that?}

I’m not sure quite what God is doing here, but I do trust Him.  I’m just not sure about His sense of humor 😉



p.s. now accepting prayers and stray hundred dollar bills

& please, nobody should feel slighted that we didn’t tell them personally, we’ve only talked to our moms.  Our heads are about to explode…