Notes From the Homestead~ late March

I want to say ‘Notes from {insert farm name}’, but if you can believe it, after almost 3 years we still don’t have a name.   My husband hates the names I love.   It brings me back to the days of arguing about baby names.   I still mourn the name Tucker and don’t like one of our children’s middle names.  Ha!    So anyway… suggestions are still welcome, but obviously we’re super picky.


This weekend we were supposed to get snow, but it blessedly stayed away and we got some outdoor stuff accomplished.    Saturday I pruned the fruit trees.  Probably poorly, since I can’t handle cutting branches that have potential.  IMG_9369.JPG


Last week I started so many seeds. I still have lots more to start, but my living room already looks like this:

Jerad put the bird houses he made around the property, including one he threw together last night.  This one is because I said I wanted to watch them make a nest from the kitchen window.   I didn’t even know he had made it until he scared the heck out of me showing up in the window {2nd story}.  IMG_9415.JPG

I also managed to get the raspberries all pruned.   I can’t wait for fresh ones! IMG_9414.JPG

Jerad still needs to prune the grapes.  That one is his job.  And after searching for wood chips for years, I finally stalked- eh…found, a tree guy who delivered a half load.  Now if only I could get tons more! IMG_9379.JPG


Sad news, we lost a peach tree to the neighbor’s cows.   The bark is gone.  *tears*.   Another thing on the to buy list.

Happy news, robins and black-capped chickadees are everywhere twittering, and we’ve heard, but not yet seen, killdeer. IMG_9411 (2).JPG


Happy Spring!


One thought on “Notes From the Homestead~ late March

  1. Yay, Spring! I love that J put the birdhouse’s up and that so many seeds have been planted! Shame in your neighbor’s cow- doesn’t she know better?! I hope it defies the odds and lives and produces a bounty for you! Hugs!


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