Notes From The Homestead: Whispers of Spring

The wind is literally howling outside right now, and we still have snow covered ground, but spring is beckoning in little ways that have me living in anticipation.   Last week I shot straight up out of bed at around 4 am because I heard geese honking.   Not much has me jumping out of bed at that ungodly hour, but I jolted out of bed and  looked out the window.  Sure enough, it was too dark to actually see anything, but I drifted back off to sleep with a huge grin on my face.   I’ve since seen them everyday trumpeting along in their V formations. Geese making their way  back north is a heralding of spring’s arrival.  Suddenly birds are chirping in the morning dawn and robins have returned just this week.   I jumped up and down in the kitchen at the sight of one on the bare, snow covered grape vines.   Robins  are back!  Hallelujah!  Jerad has made me about 6 bird houses to put up around the property. He gets me.  I’m not sure how people live without being thrilled at such things.  There is so much joy in these small whispers of life. IMG_9341

And while I’m so incredibly far behind on all my spring cleaning plans {because- books},   I did manage to repaint my kitchen.  Too bad it looks awful, as what appeared a light gray in the store looks more like a baby blue lavender on my walls.  I will be repainting with a different, hopefully better, color next week.   But it forced me to get all my vintage china off the walls and scrub them.  I need to get all this cleaning done before the siren call to be outside occurs!



Another thing I’m running a bit behind on is seed starting.  That will happen this weekend, now that my seeds came today!!!  Oh, these days of lofty plans and perfect, English country-side gardens consuming much of my daydreams.   Come July reality will hit me with weeds and water issues and goat escapees that devour all my hard work.  But for this moment, I am all optimistic {delusional?} that this will be the perfect garden year.  I also have ordered some David Austin roses that I have coveted for years, but those won’t be shipped until we can plant {Late May/June}.


I hope whatever your weather, that you are busy dreaming of all your spring plans.






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