Time Flies

Where have the last  early 3 years gone?  I can scarcely believe it’s been so long since we stumbled our way to Idaho and then this homestead.   I apologize to my 2 followers for not keeping up this space, lol.   I spend my writing time over at Christianmomfellowship.com which has been a great outlet for my spiritual ramblings and I have my good friend Kris to thank for her kicks in the pants to write over there.  I’m a flake without prodding.  I’d be honored of you clicked over and hung out a bit.   It’s a collaboration blog with the focus of encouraging women in Christ in their roles, a great passion of mine.


What I can’t really do in that space is share my homesteading and homeschooling journey.   And that’s something I so want to keep better record of, which brings me back to this space.   I know better than to promise much, as I under deliver.   So I won’t make lofty promises.   What I will do is say that this space is going to be more journal style mainly about engaging on the homestead and what our homeschool looks like sprinkled in here and there.


So to get you all caught up!  Since the last post, years ago, we have bought and sold and bought and sold more goats.   We currently have 4, and plan on using them as a meat source.  We raised two monster pigs, which we butchered ourselves, snout to tail.   Also?  Pigs scare me.  We raised 60 or so meat chickens in chicken tractors, which we butchered with friends who went in on them with us {they paid for feed, we took care of them and made the tractor}.   We raised and butchered 5 turkeys and  about a gazillion rabbits.   We added to our orchard.  The house already  boasted 5 apple trees, a peach and an apricot.   We have added 3 cherry, 2 plum, 2 pear, and 2 peach trees.   We have also planted a couple elderberry and a couple current bushes and 2 bush cherries.   I have some herbs established, have added some flowers, and have had 2 summers of slightly pathetic vegetable gardens.  I felt like we haven’t done much, but just writing this reminds me what we’ve accomplished. Honestly, homesteads are constantly changing and evolving. You never reach ‘done’, and so it’s easy to get discouraged or feel like you aren’t doing enough.   So, go us.   I think keeping this blog will in part remind me to not get overwhelmed.  To see the progress bit by bit and enjoy the process.


Charlotte Mason, British educator icon of the 19th century, encouraged  keeping a “Calendar of Firsts”.   It’s been on my to-do but never-done list forever.   And so this blog will also act as our calendar of firsts.  Marking the seasons, the beauty of the days, as we live them.  I want to remember when the first robin is spotted, or when we get our week of turtles everywhere, and be able to notice when the rhythm tells me the next thing is coming.


I’d love you to come alongside and be part of the journey as a witness to our beautiful, crazy life.   Your encouragement is so soul-lifting.


So tomorrow I will begin.  Well, tonight I began, but whatever.   Tomorrow starts my ‘Notes from the Homestead’ posts.   Stay tuned.


Blessings, Mandy


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