Because God is Hilarious…

So…just when things seem to settle down,

God sends us another curve ball.

No, I’m not pregnant.

We’re moving!

No, you aren’t reading last month’s post, nor is it groundhog day. It’s the day before Thanksgiving.We’ve been in the Rexburg/Sugar City area for a tad over a month{ eta:  actually, we’re at 2 months}.

And now? We’re heading a bit further south.

We’ll still be in Idaho, but the Hubby got an offer for a different {slightly better} position.

I’ll be honest, my head is spinning.  I had just made nice with this town.  I have made 2 good friends here already that I could have seen as lifelong BFFS.  {I work quickly, what can I say?}{And I actually deplore the term BFFs, but it worked ;)}

More change, more expenses, more change  {did I say that?}

I’m not sure quite what God is doing here, but I do trust Him.  I’m just not sure about His sense of humor 😉



p.s. now accepting prayers and stray hundred dollar bills

& please, nobody should feel slighted that we didn’t tell them personally, we’ve only talked to our moms.  Our heads are about to explode…


2 thoughts on “Because God is Hilarious…

  1. Haha, I love it, “now accepting prayers and stray one hundred dollar bills.”
    So what would be crazier: new baby or new local?!
    Excited to see what else the good Lord brings your way!


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